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Virtual reality in architecture: How hmad|architects use BIM-X technology

We've all seen VR or virtual reality sneak more and more into various industries over the past few years, whether it's in a gaming capacity, healthcare, education, film & entertainment or architecture its development has spread far and wide in the short time it has been around.

VR is an exciting piece of technology and has the potential to revolutionise the design process Architect's currently use to portray building and landscape designs to clients.

At hmad|architects in Devon, we believe a significant part of our service is in communicating information to enable the best decisions for a project to be made.

Virtual reality is one way of communicating that can be used to view different phases of a project. Or, for example; flood patterns superimposed on the model that Architects and Developers could use to measure the impact or lack of impact a residential or commercial development might have on an area.

As a communication tool, VR brings with it the potential for a faster method of collaboration between Architect, Contractor, Supplier, Client etc., working at distance or on different sites - which is especially relevant in the current circumstances around the Covid-19 movement restrictions worldwide.

hmad|architects have also been using virtual reality to enable conservation and environmental factors to be considered and our designs can be altered to help ensure any building or development is a sustainable one.

Virtual reality allows the design phase of a project to progress quicker and more efficiently; it also helps give the Client confidence in the design by offering an immediate understanding and feel of their new space. This is particularly useful for Clients who are not trained to read technical plans and who may struggle to visualise what their finished project might look like.

VR certainly seems set to pave new and exciting ways of designing buildings and their surrounding environments in a much more interactive, informative and immersive way, most likely to the benefit of everyone involved in a project.

At hmad|architects, we use the latest architectural technology BIM-X to help you to visualise your residential or commercial project.

Why not get in touch today to arrange your FREE consultation with one of our experienced Architects, either at our office in Exeter, Devon or in the comfort of your home or business, call 01392 459777 or email

Extracts quoted from Metropolis (2017) - Disrupting Reality: How VR is changing Architecture's Present and Future.

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