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Does lowest cost equate to value for money?

At hmad|architects we understand how important your budget is. We work with our Clients and provide clear open advice on our experience of project costs right from the outset.

For those projects where we are fortunate enough to be appointed, it is important to us that we set off on the right foot regarding costs to ensure budget expectations are realistic. You can be assured we will tell you what you need to hear, although sometimes this may not be what you want to hear, or what someone else has told you.

In appointing hmad|architects you are paying for our experience, advice and our industry leading 3D software, provided by a fully qualified Architect who will be dedicated to your project.

Of course, you may not feel you need such a high level of service as we offer and may find you are tempted by a lower cost alternative, but we would advise checking what is being offered or perhaps not being offered. In addition, there is various evidence*, that indicates an Architect’s fees represent a small part of the whole-life costs of your home; (costs of its design, construction, the long term running costs and its maintenance), and it is generally accepted that a good design will add value to your home, whereas a poor design can have a long lasting and expensive impact on the costs of running your home.

hmad|architects’ experience of working with existing historic and Listed Buildings (often in the lowest performing 5% of buildings in terms of energy efficiency), means we have design solutions to make small improvements which can have a significant cost benefit in considering the environmental sustainability of a building and its environmental cost.

We believe these are essential issues to consider for the long term impact the design has on the client and the wider environment.

* - The OGC Achieving Excellence Guide 7 – Whole Life Costing, explains how The Royal Academy of Engineering reported that the relative designs costs of a typical project equate to a ratio of between 0.1 and 0.15 of its whole-life costs; 1 for construction costs, 5 for maintenance costs and 200 for the operational costs of a commercial office building.

At the heart of our practice, is a mission to help leave the best possible legacy for future generations through our designs. Creating sustainable, innovative buildings that are innovative and tailored to perfectly fit the client.

We believe in building a strong relationship with each client, having honest and open conversations about your project aspirations, budget and ensuring you get the benefit from appointing hmad|architects.

We would love to be considered if you are thinking of undertaking a project. To arrange your FREE consultation please contact Luke McAdam, our Practice Principal and Director, via 01392 459777 or

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