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How to maximise natural light in your home

A living space filled with natural light from dawn through to dusk is a consistently important feature for our clients that are looking to build or renovate their homes. Whilst structural alterations usually offer the most drastic improvements in natural light levels in your home, there are also many ‘quick fixes’ that you can utilise to maximise natural light on a budget.


Outside your home – Letting more light in, starts from the outside, in. Give any large bushes or hedges outside your house a trim (as long as you own them!), including any climbing plants positioned around windows or a front door.


Mirrors and reflective accessories – Positioning these items facing windows helps to reflect light filtering into the room, all around it. Large, dark artwork can absorb the little sunlight that is streaming into your space. If you want to hang artwork, put up bookshelves etc., do so perpendicular to windows/natural light sources.


Decorating with light colours - Will maximise the natural daylight in your home as they will reflect rather than absorb rays of light. Lighter colours also help create a sense of calm and peace, something all of us deserve more of.


Cleaning windows - It might sound simple, but it’s surprising how easy it is to neglect such a quick, easy and cost effective solution to let more light into your home. So, grab a bucket, roll your sleeves up and get washing, inside and out!


Time for a furniture reshuffle or declutter? – Moving large items of furniture away from light sources can make a significant difference. Not got the space to move some items around?...maybe this is a great opportunity for a declutter to increase room to move other items around. Having a clear out alone will create a more light, airy, open space to enjoy.

However, if bigger changes are required; a skylight, enlarging/installing more windows, or bi-folding doors to let in more light will provide the next step up in terms of options and there are a HUGE range of installation choices on the market that will not only help let in more light, but also offer a change in style or design for your home.

ABOVE: Kitchen/Dining/Living room in our 'Townhouse Reimagined' project, copyright: hmad|architects Exeter.

If you are considering a full refurbishment, architects are artists in the balancing of light and space so will be able to create a design enhancing natural light, often a much more cost-effective option than moving, whilst also increasing the value of your home.

Natural light offers many benefits that artificial light does not. Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of different hormones in the brain. When you are exposed to natural light your body releases serotonin, which boosts your mood and helps you to feel calm and relaxed. At night, darkness triggers your body to release melatonin, which helps you sleep. Exposure to UVB radiation in natural light also causes your skin to produce vitamin D, helping to build stronger bones, prevent certain types of cancer and heal skin conditions.

ABOVE: Living room overlooking Jurassic Coast in our 'Lookout Tower' project. Copyright hmad|architects Exeter.

Ready to bring more light into your home and life?...we can help you achieve your dream space, using clever design via the restoration, renovation or extension of your current property, including listed and heritage buildings, using our 20+ years of conservation experience on similar buildings. Or, work with you to create a sustainable new build, fit for you and future generations to come.

Get in touch today to arrange your FREE initial consultation with hmad|architects, Exeter, by contacting Director and Architect; Luke McAdam on: 01392 459777 or

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