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Planning Challenges in 2023...making your project happen!

Updated: Jan 11


The typical planning application process should take around 8 weeks to complete, however we are likely not alone in knowing the reality of this has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. A recent article by Esther Kurland from Urban Design Learning published in Architects Journal highlighted just how many planning officers are struggling right now when 150 were polled at a local planning authority event.

Out of the 12 themes planning officers were asked to vote on, there were 3 overriding issues most of us can probably take a reasonable guess at:

  1. Resources - Finance and/or Staff

  2. Developers submissions/Buy in/Game playing

  3. Confidence to say no.

Currently with so many delays, new legislations and hoops to jump through, it can be easy to feel frustrated with local authority planning departments when submitting an application. But, in order to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible and one day get back to a place of shorter waiting times, we must recognise as architects we are ultimately all on the same team, working to the same constraints within the industry.

Collaborating to build strong, positive relationships with local planning officers, understanding the challenges faced and ensuring all information required accompanies any applications made is a firm foundation from which to build a system for all moving forward.

Architects and planning officers want the same outcome for clients and the local and wider natural environment; good quality design, a smooth planning process and support to enable the delivery of projects on time and in budget.

AJ article link - "Council officers are having it tough under our troubled planning system."


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