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What will my finished project look like?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Are you contemplating taking on your own project but worried about fully understanding your architect’s proposals? This is completely normal! Everyone communicates and interprets ideas in a different way so it is unsurprising that many clients struggle to visualise a finished project from architectural plans. Whilst traditional two-dimensional architectural drawings are the bread and butter of an architect’s tools for presentation (and of course required for planning authorities and the construction team), there is little point in developing an exciting proposal that meets all of the client’s needs if they are unable to understand it!

Technology has revolutionised the ways in which we are able to present our designs. As soon as a design concept has been established in a project we start creating a 3D computer-generated model. From this model we can provide (in addition to two-dimensional architectural line drawings) interactive 3D representations of the design.

hmad|architects design software can be exported to a purpose-built app called BIM-X, which will allow you to open and explore a 3D model of your design. It is easy to navigate around your future project using the same simple gestures required for any tablet or mobile phone. Have a look at the video below that shows how easy it is to use:

This cutting-edge technology allows you to explore your design from every angle and gives clients an understanding of scale, perspective and view that two-dimensional drawings often do not. You will be able to experience what it is like to move around in the building and walk from one room to another.

In an exciting extension to the BIM-X app, our clients are now able to experience our designs in virtual reality. The app can be viewed using Google Cardboard - a simple but powerful virtual reality viewer. Google Cardboard allows you to fully immerse yourself into the design. The viewer is responsive to your head movements, meaning that as you turn your head your view of the design will change, giving you a real sense of what it would be like to be inside your finished project. Have a look at the video below to see how we use Google Cardboard:

We believe that these technological developments can help us provide the best possible outcomes for our clients’ projects for the best possible price. They allow our clients to get the best possible understanding of what their finished project will look like before committing to construction. After all, it is much easier (and cheaper!) to change a virtual design than it is to change a design that has already been physically built.

Our Devon based Architects can help you to visualise your residential or commercial project ideas using the latest architectural technology - Get in touch today to arrange your FREE consultation with one of our experienced Architects, either in Exeter or in the comfort of your home or business, call 01392 459777 or email

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