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Why I chose Architecture: Matt, Conservation Architect

The first time that architecture was introduced into my life as a potential future career path I was fourteen years old. A school questionnaire highlighted the profession as particularly suited to my personality, so I completed a short work experience placement in an architecture firm. I remember feeling amazed at the ability to create something visual at such a large scale, and whilst it did not solidify the goal of becoming an architect in my mind specifically at that time, it did give me an inspiring sense of what could be achieved.

A few years later, I was in the process of deciding what university degree I wanted to apply for. I was drawn to a variety of design-led disciplines including product design, sports design, aeronautics and architecture. As I began to visit universities and learn more about what each course and career choice entailed, architecture clearly stood apart from the rest. Its sense of realism was what appealed to me. Other subjects were theoretical and false in comparison, lacking architecture’s sense of creation.

My studies at university consolidated my choice in career path, as I increasingly appreciated the complexity of architecture as a discipline. I enjoyed learning about the technical requirements and the rewarding sense of accomplishment achieved by challenging problem solving. University trips abroad created a real sense of excitement in me with the prospect of contributing to society, be it by enhancing individuals’ lives by facilitating their aspirations or by providing facilities and opportunities for whole communities.

I joined hmad | architects straight after leaving university, and qualified as a chartered architect three years later in 2011. During my time here I have really developed my interest and skills in dealing with the restoration, refurbishment and reordering of historic buildings, becoming conservation accredited with the AABC and RIBA in 2014. My passion for designing contemporary architectural interventions within the context of historical buildings continues to grow, and I am excited for the creative opportunities that the future will bring with hmad | architects.

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