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quinquennial inspections

hmad|architects act as Inspecting Architects for a number of churches, producing statutory quinquennial reports and advising actions to be taken following the submission of the reports.

Matt, our Conservation Architect, is accredited to Category A in Building Conservation by the Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC) and registered on the Royal Institute of British Architects' (RIBA's) Conservation Register as a Conservation Architect. These accreditations can assure our clients that we have in-depth knowledge of working with historical buildings and are qualified to carry out Quinquennial Inspections (QQIs).


Acting as an Inspecting Architect entails preparing conditions reports, recommending appropriate remedial works, making applications for all statutory (or denomination equivalent) consents and organising building contracts using specialist consultants and suppliers where necessary.


Once appointed we keep in touch to ensure that the church members with responsibility for health and safety and public liability have the support they may need. We can schedule the works required, if any, to keep the buildings in good, safe order, and make arrangements for the appointment of suitable contractors to undertake any maintenance and repair works. 


We are always available to advise when questions arise on the stewardship of church properties. Our long-term experience in these matters can benefit discussions on the future fortunes and welfare of these buildings, which are often central to our communities.

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